Clinical Protocols and differences

There are two commonly used protocols for performing Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion. The principle differences between the two methods primarily relates to use of the STEEN Solution™ perfusate with or without red cells and to the perfusate flow. Both methods have been clinically validated and are outlined more in detail in the chart below.

The “Lund Method” was mainly designed for lung evaluation for up to 3 hours utilizing a perfusate comprising STEEN Solution™ and red cells to facilitate physiological assessment of pulmonary responses at normal blood flows.

The “Toronto Method” was primarily devised for longer term perfusion (4-6 hours) and adopts erythrocyte free perfusion at a perfusate flow rate of 40% of predicted cardiac output in a closed system.


  • EVLP with XPS™

    • XPS Disposable Kit including all components needed for one EVLP procedure • Gas mix

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  • EVLP with manual method

    • Hardware/Software • STEEN Solution™ • Disposables • Tubing • Gas mix

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