• Xvivo

    Xvivo Perfusion

    Clinically optimised solutions and systems for transplantation

  • XPS™

    The first FDA approved EVLP technology on the market

    • Proven clinical protocol and extensive clinical practice
    • Developed with daily clinical challenges in mind
    • Based on expertise and experience from clinicians
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  • Our vision

    Nobody Should Have To Die Waiting For A New Organ

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  • XVIVO helps transplant surgeons and perfusionists to increase operating room efficiency

  • House

    XVIVO offers transplant centers and clinics a research focused and reliable EVLP-partner

  • Lungs

    XVIVO products facilitate an optimal use of available donor organs

XVIVO Perfusion is a medical technology company focused on developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion in connection with transplantation. The company is firmly rooted in medical science.

We collaborate with transplant teams to save lives. Our mission is to increase the survival rates of patients awaiting transplantation by supporting transplant teams in every way we can. We join forces with the transplant teams to give more patients a new life. We provide our customers with solutions and systems that can improve the transplant process outcome and expand the organ donor pool.