Estelle Peslerbe

Regional Business Manager South Europe/ South America

My name is Estelle Peslerbe. For the past years I’ve been serving as the Regional Business Manager in South Europe- recently also for South America, caring for products aiding patients living with their end stage lung disease.

I’ve always had a big interest in medical science, ground breaking techniques and caring for other people, that is why I applied for my job at XVIVO.

Working at XVIVO is being a link in the chain of acts and people who ensure that the greatest gift of life from a donor will be well taken care of while being transported, evaluated and transplanted into the patient in need of new lungs.

I like to be part of evolving therapies/protocols that are changing the future of transplantation, like the ex vivo lung perfusion is doing. It is very rewarding to see how the transplants centres around the world are increasing the number of patients transplanted using lungs that would never have been used without EVLP.

I like being challenged, learning new things and working with people that is dedicated to what they do both in their heart and mind, this is one major thing that I’m experiencing at XVIVO, everyone is in this together- challenging each other, the research and the way forward.

Every day is a new day, unique in its kind, I’m visiting partners throughout the globe discussing the challenges and opportunities they are facing, experiencing new cultures, sharing and learning new things and meeting colleagues. The people I meet every day at work, (no matter if) they are working in the OR, logistics, administration or other are ultimately sharing the same vision, no one should have to die waiting for an organ.

The biggest award that one could get is when I learn from the partner that a new life have been saved.

It is a huge privilege to work with dedicated people in a very special world, that organ transplantation is – pushing boundaries every day to help the patient.