Information regarding the distribution of Xvivo Perfusion AB

  • 10:36

In accordance with the resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders held on September 24, Vitrolife’s transplantation business, which is run in the subsidiary Xvivo Perfusion AB (”Xvivo”) and its subsidiaries, will be spun off to the shareholders through distribution of the shares in Xvivo in accordance with “Lex Asea”.

The resolution means that the Vitrolife shareholders will automatically receive one share in Xvivo for each share that they own in Vitrolife. The distribution will not result in any tax effect for present Vitrolife shareholders as long as they remain as owners of Xvivo. Allotment of the cost of acquisition for the shares will be decided by the Swedish Tax Agency and will be published on Vitrolife’s and Xvivo’s websites.

The last day for trade in Vitrolife shares with entitlement to distribution of shares in Xvivo is September 26. The record day is October 1. It is estimated that the Xvivo shares will have been booked in each shareholder’s VPC account by October 4. Trade in Xvivo shares on NASDAQ OMX First North will begin on October 8. Before the listing Xvivo will publish a description of the company containing detailed information about the company.

More information is available on Vitrolife’s and Xvivo’s websites, and

September 24, 2012 Gothenburg, Sweden VITROLIFE AB (publ) Patrik Tigerschiöld Chairman of the board