More on the influence of donor smoking (tobacco or marijuana) on lung transplant outcomes

A thorough screening of over 300 lung transplants in Melbourne, Australia(8) indicates that more than half the donors had a history of tobacco or marijuana smoking. Current tobacco, or more than five-year weekly marijuana smoking history adversely affected three-year graft survival. The team´s findings, echoing those from a 2012 UK study(9), at least for tobacco, support the importance of obtaining a detailed donor tobacco and marijuana smoking history.


8. Okahara S et al, Influence of the donor history of tobacco and marijuana smoking on early and intermediate lung transplant outcomes, J Heart Lung Transplant, June 5, 2020 (online ahead of print) (link to abstract)

9. Bonser RS, Taylor R, Collett D, et al., Effect of donor smoking on survival after lung transplantation: a cohort study of a prospective registry. Lancet 2012; 380: 747.

Xvivo Insights PB-2020-06-31