Novel ultrasound technique for better assessment of donor lungs

A new technique for monitoring extravascular lung water during ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) was presented in a recent paper from Cleveland(2).

Ultrasound images obtained directly from the lung surface were graded according to a “CLUE“ score (based on a direCt Lung Ultrasound Evaluation (CLUE) technique, which records the percentage of B-lines seen on ultrasound). CLUE scores reflecting image grading were calculated at the beginning and end of EVLP for the whole lung, each side and lobe.

The technique was tested clinically on 23 lungs placed on EVLP (of which 13 were transplanted). Primary graft dysfunction (PGD3) occurred in only one lung. Differences in CLUE scores between lungs suitable for transplantation and those rejected were highly significant (P < 0.001).

The authors claim the CLUE technique shows the highest accuracy in evaluating donor lung suitability for transplantation compared with other parameters used in EVLP, including PaO2/FiO2, and can thus optimize transplantation outcomes.


2. Ayyat K S , et al A CLUE for better assessment of donor lungs: Novel technique in clinical ex vivo lung perfusion. JHLT. July 24 , 2020. DOI: (link to abstract)

XVIVO Insights PB-2020-10-28