Instruction for Use

Products - Instruction for Use

Here you will find the IFUs (Instruction for Use) of XVIVO products. Disclaimer: Products shown on the XVIVO websites may not be available in all markets and product indication claim(s) may vary between markets. Hence, the product(s) IFU listed below may not to be available in all markets.

IFU XPS 9182-0189 REV S– EN

STEEN Solution™
IFU STEEN Solution 20924-12

XVIVO PGM Disposable Sensors™
IFU PGM Disposable Sensors 27007-08

XVIVO Lung Cannula Set™
IFU XVIVO Lung Cannula Set 27021-06

XVIVO Organ Chamber™
IFU XVIVO Organ Chamber 20939-11

XVIVO Disposable Lung Set™
IFU DLS 410029-00 rev J

IFU PERFADEX Plus 20805-04

XVIVO Silicone Tubing Set™
Silicone Tubing Set 20419-05

IFU PrimECC 25055-02