Silicone Tubing Set™

Silicone Tubing Set™

For perfusion during donor lung procurement

The XVIVO Silicone Tubing Set™ is specifically designed for rapid flushing of donor lungs during procurement. The set permits simultaneous/continuous perfusion from two 1000 ml, 2800 ml or 3000 ml PERFADEX® Plus bags, given either together or one at the time, whereby one bag can be exchanged while the other is still flushing.

Rapid flushing during procurement

The wide bore 3/8’’ tubing permits use of high flow rates at relatively low pressures, in order to minimise the risk for endothelial injury. The use of silicone tubing reduces the risks of kinking.


Designed for simultaneous and continuous perfusion

The tubing set for lung perfusion is 200 cm long and consists of two 50 cm tubes which are jointed together by a y-connector to a 150 cm tube. The 50 cm tubes are equipped with spikes and all three tubes are fitted with tubing clamps for regulating the flow. The tubing set is sterile and intended for single use only.


  • Rapid flushing during procurement
  • Simultaneous and continuous perfusion from PERFADEX® Plus bags
  • High flow rates at relatively low pressures
  • Sterile and convenient

In clinical usage

During procurement, the lung is rapidly flushed by low pressure gravity with cold PERFADEX® Plus via the XVIVO Silicone Tubing Set™ until the pink color of the effluent indicates most of the blood has been replaced. The two 50 mm Y-connected tubes permit exchange of successive IV bags of PERFADEX® Plus whilst ensuring continuous flushing of the donor lung. The distal end of the tubing is connected to the pulmonary artery via an arterial cannula with a 3/8’’ connector equipped with a valve.

To order: REF 19005; Pack size 1 tubing set/pack.
Content: 1 XVIVO Silicone Tubing Set™
Packaging: Sterile pouch
Storage: Store at room temperature. Use only unopened and undamaged packages.
Shelf life: At least three months from date of shipment.
Intended Use: For lung transplantation.
Properties: Sterility assurance level 10-6