The music video “Inhale, Exhale” now launched world-wide!

  • 15:56

The Swedish version of the music video “Inhale, Exhale”, which highlights the highly important issue of organ donation, was launched this weekend on Youtube and also shared on Facebook. After only two days more than 1500 persons have watched the video and more than 200 have shared it.

In the video you can listen to Jonathan Ivarsson, a 13-year old boy waiting for new lungs and Moa Nilsson, a 16-year old girl who recently received new lungs. Medical personnel involved in lung transplantation and family members to both Jonathan and Moa shared their thoughts in interviews.

Both music and film was produced by Mr Hans Wikkelsö exclusively  for XVIVO Perfusion AB. Vocals by Swedish artists Anna Winblad, Simon Peyron and Sara Ljunggren.  An English version will soon be available.

We are proud of being able to contribute to the important work performed by transplant teams world-wide.  Please feel free to share the link and help spread the word on organ donation!