The Pulmonologist’s role in successful EVLP programs – Webinar May 20th

  • 16:28

We would like to invite you to our webinar on “The pulmonologist’s role in successful EVLP programs”.

The pulmonologist plays an important role in a successful EVLP program. They have first-hand knowledge about the patients and know what impact an extra lung transplant through EVLP could have on the waitlist in an active EVLP center. The benefit of utilizing more organs through EVLP could reduce the time on the waitlist.

Following the presentations there will be a Q&A session. And to summarize the event there will also be a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Göran Dellgren from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg Sweden.

Speakers for this webinar session is:

Ass. Prof. Michael Perch – Rigshospitalet Copenhagen, Copenhagen (DK)
Prof. Marie Budev – Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH (US)
Drs. E.M. Berg – UMC Utrecht, Utrecht (NL)

The topics that will be covered during this webinar include:

  • The importance of a multidisciplinary team in a successful EVLP program
  • How to manage patient waitlist – best practice
  • Impact of pre- and post-follow up of the patient
  • Utilization of more organs through EVLP and the reflection of the wait list in an active center
  • Looking at the horizons for EVLP, treatment and care of lung transplant patients

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